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April 22, 2019 / Blog

Conifers in the Southern Garden

Did you know that a dwarf evergreen conifers are usually a shorter cultivar of the original species? Dwarf, however, is...
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Outdoor Landscaping Near Me - Backyard Garden Water Fountains IMG
March 18, 2019 / Blog

Adding Water to Your Garden Can Attract Butterflies, Bees and Other Wildlife

At Elachee, the boulders have natural crevices that hold water and attract the honeybees. Anyone with a sprinkler system in...
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Landscape Design Company Near Me - Outdoor Water Fountains IMG 3
February 11, 2019 / Blog

Adding Lighting to Your Landscape

Installing an outdoor lighting system that provides function while adding ambiance and atmosphere—is a true art. It is important to...
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landscaping near me - Finished Water Fountain IMG 9119
January 14, 2019 / Blog

How We Build Waterfalls and Streams

Water features in landscapes adds beauty, sounds and a wildlife habitat to your garden. At Fockele Garden Company, we also...
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