Maintenance Production Assistant

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Title: Maintenance Production Assistant

Direct Report:  Maintenance Department Manager

Secondary Report: Vice-President

Key Responsibilities:

  • Assist Maintenance Department Manager to produce weekly crew schedules for maintenance routes and enhancement days/crews.  Work with Dept. Manager and Account Managers in route density, timing of visits, changes needed, crew suggestions, etc.  
  • Create and manage internal documents for department use.  This is a range of Excel files, Word files, Google docs, and other operational software/systems. Provide documents and reports for manager and crews.
  • Support maintenance crew members with site specific pruning through constant communication, following schedules to meet with crews, ensuring crews have proper safety gear and equipment to properly prune specific plants, support in dealing with pruning issues as they arise, liaison between crews and managers.  
  • Assist in training for crew members and technicians for greater efficiency and higher quality of work.  Some training will be done at the operation facility and other times will be done in the field.  Assist in creating training documents and programs.
  • Work with Dept. Manager on billing for pruning outside of contract.  Training will be provided on the proper use of billing system if not currently familiar.
  • Monitor customer contracts for renewals, costing, and price changes.  Assist Dept. Manager and Account Manager in contract performance evaluation to support the FIX/FIRE/Fill program.
  • Customer correspondence.  This will include but not be limited to:  Seasonal programs, promotions, complaints, or problems, gathering feedback or testimonials, or general support. 
  • Assist Dept. Manager and Account Managers in email support, customer correspondence, scheduling meetings and appointments, and other areas of support.
  • Assist Dept. Manager in color production.  This would include but not be limited to:  creating customer orders, scheduling, order sheets for purchaser, purchasing at times, supporting field staff, coordinating deliveries, working on in installation crew, and managing crew routes.
  • Assist Plant Buyer in purchasing, staging, and procuring plants for all projects when needed.
  • Work with Plant Buyer in managing plant inventory, greenhouse inventory, nursery pad and greenhouse maintenance, watering, and irrigation management.
  • Assist in warranty plant checks and installation of replacement plants.
  • Identify opportunities for enhancements for existing customers; propose, sell, and schedule enhancement work to be done. 
  • There may be times when you would support the VP in various admin task.  This would be assigned by direct supervisor. 

Additional Requirements and Responsibilities

  • Employee must learn all FGC techniques, philosophy and methods and represent these with a positive attitude to crew members, other staff and customer at all times. 
  •  Ensure that all work meets standards set by FGC.  Report any problems to your manager immediately, even of unrelated to personal job description.  
  • Work to identify areas to improve work efficiency and to identify opportunities that could solve problems, prevent future problems and improve overall appearance and health of site. Report ideas to the department manager for evaluation. 
  • Report any landscape problems to department manager or account manager and verify a solution with manager before acting.  
  •  All employees are required to wear FGC clothes, which company provides, and to present a neat and clean appearance at all times.  Employee must learn and enforce the dress code with his/her crews.  
  • Learn all FGC safety protocols and follow and enforce such with crews you are working with.
  • Continued education in all applicable areas of landscape maintenance management is required.  Management will assist in building an educational calendar.  
  • Participate in companywide on-boarding process and review program.

It is assumed that you will need additional training and mentoring and that this will be an ongoing process over time with multiple people contributing to the process.    

It will be important to understand when you have authority to act individually and when you need a second opinion.  It will take time to learn and establish this line and we expect that it will change over time.  

It will be important that you understand the existing relationships with long term customers and verify information with primary customer contact before advising customer on any changes to their property, until you have established your own relationship of trust with said customer.    

The FGC team includes many resources in house that will be available to you for problem solving and other help.  These resources should be your first source before embarking on independent research or actions.  You will also be a source of information, support, and collaboration for other staff members. We often have several team members working together with each customer which often requires cross-over between departments. This reinforces our reputation and branding to be the company that has the most experts, does the best work, and does it with integrity. 

Professionalism/Team Work

  • Reports for work, on time, every day
  • Versatile and willing to accept changing work assignments and conditions
  • Shows interest in work being done and desires to learn more
  • Follow and help police no gossip policy.  All problems, concerns, issues, etc. should go up the chain of command.  Goal is to never go lateral or down.
  • Represent FGC in a professional manner through performance, appearance (work attire), and adherence to policies.
  • Protect private and confidential information about FGC. 
  • Contribute to and police the company culture.


  • This position pays hourly with a starting rate of $16-18 per hour.  This position is expected to work between 40-45 hours per week.
  • Vacation time will be one week after twelve months, thereafter another week at the end of each successive twelve-month period.
  • Holiday pay: Six paid holidays:  New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Veteran’s Day, Christmas Day.  
  • Medical Insurance: This position will have the option to participate in the FGC health insurance program.  FGC will pay half of the personal coverage. This position may add family at an additional cost of which employee will pay for through weekly before tax payroll deductions.
  • This position will have the option to participate in the retirement plan.  FGC will match contributions up to three percent of gross income.
  • FGC will provide a smart phone.  Phone is expected to be charged and in working order during regular working hours.
  • FGC will reimburse for specific trainings and certifications that are approved by management.


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