Staff Testimonials

Alejandro Jimenez

I like my job because my work is a combination of gardening and construction, doing different types of construction work in all kinds of landscape settings, each with various staff members and for a wide range of customers. At an early age, I started working in agriculture. Later, I obtained skills in construction. Now I am employing both in creating beautiful gardens. Every day is a different experience and an opportunity to learn. I always feel secure working here, where I am treated with appreciation and respect.

José Meráz

Our company recognizes the importance of family life. Everyone, from the owners to our co-workers are very supportive when a special event or an illness requires us to miss work. Many companies would simply let you go if you needed to be away from your job. I appreciate that!

There are many reasons I like working for this company. My employers are good people. Our wages are competitive and learning new things every day is also rewarding.

Working on the Fockele team inspires me to do my best every day, where I’m encouraged to exercise discipline in making sure that things are done well.

Guillermo Razo

I have worked at Fockele Garden Company for seven years. The camaraderie between coworkers is something I appreciate. Like any job the work can vary in difficulty. No matter the difficulty, I know we have the support of our employers. I always feel as if my work is appreciated.

Amy Glaze

I am the office administrator and have been with the company just over a year. I am usually the first person they speak with, so I make sure they feel welcomed from the start. I love talking with clients and getting to know them on a firsthand basis. At the end of the day, I find joy in knowing I have a hand in the dedicated work that goes into each client’s project here at Fockele Garden Company.