Lighting and Irrigation are Important Additions to your Garden

Landscape lighting and irrigation systems are two services we provide to our customers. Landscape lighting extends your enjoyment of the garden into the evening hours. A properly installed and maintained irrigation system minimizes water waste as well as keeps your garden looking great during hot dry weather.

Well-placed and carefully selected light fixtures highlight your home’s architectural features and draw attention to plantings and trees, as well as lighting paths and water features.

Landscape lighting also adds security to garden, but in a beautiful way.

Regular monitoring of an irrigation system is crucial to both establishing new plantings over the long term. It is also important to regularly check an irrigation system for leaks, overspray, broken heads and clogged valves.

Landscape industry professionals know that more plants are killed by overwatering. Just because you can water does’t mean you should.

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Fountain lighting after being installed
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Path lighting invites an evening stroll in the garden
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Lighting the trees in a garden adds magic to the space.

Courtyard Waterfall Dedicated at NGMC Braselton

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The Fockele team, Jane and Chris Smoot, and Steve Sanchez gather for a photo at the dedication ceremony in June.

Construction of the garden, which spanned a year’s time, was completed in July and the plants were installed at the beginning of the summer. Now, the Courtyard Waterfall is fulfilling its purpose at the Northeast Georgia Medical Center Braselton.

The waterfall garden was made possible by Chris and Jane Smoot, who hoped for “a waterfall that would replicate nature from the north Georgia mountains, a natural setting that would provide a place for patients’ families, providers, staff and the rest of the community to find replenishment and solace in this busy world.”

Commercial Landscaping Services Near Me - Outdoor Water Fountains IMGThe plaza allows patients, their families and staff to step outdoors into nature in a very peaceful setting,” said Anthony Williamson, president of NGMC Braselton. “The Courtyard Waterfall is going to create a whole new experience and level of healing in the plaza through the sight and sounds of moving water.”

FGC worked with Steve Sanchez, our lead design partner from HGOR Planners and Landscape Architects. HGOR designed the entire hospital campus, which is a LEED certified facility.

5 Tips for Container Gardening

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Container gardening is perfect for those who have small spaces or for gardeners that want to experiment with texture and colors. If you want to jump into this type of gardening, we have some great tips to get you started!

  1. Evergreen shrubs are perfect for anchoring a container planting and allow for flower changes to provide for seasonal interest.  Choose a shrub that is naturally small growing, and it can last in a container for several years without overgrowing.  Choose formal topiaries or dwarf conifers depending on the setting and personal taste.  Other evergreens to try could include Thymes, Rosemary, Lavender,  various ferns, Lenten Rose and various Carex.
  2. Containers provide opportunity for a dash of color and interest in areas without planting beds such as patios, around pools, entrances, or beside benches
  3. Choosing a type of vessel for your container garden is mostly up to you! There are options for various metal containers for a modern and sleek look, glazed containers for the rustic look, as well as a variety of concrete and terracotta planters.     
  4. In a commercial landscape setting, colorful containers can soften the architectural features and pavement and provide a welcoming atmosphere to customers and employees alike.
  5. Throughout the summer and fall, thoughtful pruning of the plants in your container gardens will maintain artistic balance between the colors and textures of the plants. 

Do not forget to choose plants depending on the situation such as sun or shade and size of container, and always keep watered!

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