Conifers in the Southern Garden

Did you know that a dwarf evergreen conifers are usually a shorter cultivar of the original species? Dwarf, however, is a relative term however.

For instance, dwarf varieties of the popular Japanese Falsecypress can reach a whopping 20 feet in height.  It takes heavy, and often deforming, pruning to keep these “dwarfs” in their place.  By selecting a cultivar for a specific size, not just a “dwarf” you can save yourself from a disappointing result.

Here are two low maintenance alternatives that will not outgrow their space and also provide color and structure to your winter garden.

Thuja koraiensis ‘Glauca Prostrata’ – unique silvery blue foliage color that will grow well in sun and semi-shaded areas.  Mature height:  2-3 feet.

Chamaecyparis pisifera ‘King’s Gold’ – Great, dependable golden color on cascading branches.  Will tolerate sun and semi-shaded areas. Mature height: 3-5 feet.

King’s Gold

Glauca Prostrata