Lawn & Landscape Magazine Honors The Fockele Garden Company

GAINESVILLE, Ga. (April 1, 2013) — Lawn & Landscape Magazine recently named The Fockele Garden Company as one of its 2012 Environmental Business Award winners.

The award is given annually to landscape companies that are committed to eco-friendly, green industry practices that provide long-term sustainability for their projects and clients. The Fockele Garden Company was one of three companies honored.

“The winners – The Fockele Garden Co., Sebert Landscaping Co. and WinterCreek Restoration – were chosen not only for their dedication to these principles but their ability to develop successful companies based on these practices,” said Lawn & Landscape when announcing the winners.

Lawn & Landscape honored The Fockele Garden Company for its leadership in sustainable designs. The magazine evaluated several Fockele projects from environmental, horticultural and hydrologic perspectives. It is worth noting that companies normally apply for the award but The Fockele Garden Company was honored without applying.

The magazine noted that 75 percent of The Fockele Garden Company’s projects include sustainable elements that conserve water, build attractive environments and eliminate waste. The Fockele Garden Company places a large emphasis on rainwater harvesting and stormwater management techniques to decrease erosion and supply irrigation.

“If you slow down and look around at what our communities look like now, it’s obvious that we’ve done a lot of damage, and it’s obvious there are things that need to be fixed,” Mark Fockele, company co-owner, said. “We have too much pavement, way too much stormwater runoff; we have hot, dry, unshaded parking lots that go on forever. These are just not pleasant environments.

“We also have clients who challenge us to tackle environmentally friendly projects of this kind and find ways to use more sustainable gardening techniques.”

Based in Gainesville, Ga., The Fockele Garden Company serves clients throughout the Southeast and are very much a part of this green industry. The company focuses on the maintenance and installation of commercial landscapes and residential gardens, and provides services such as irrigation systems, cisterns, outdoor lighting, rainwater harvest systems, custom water features such as outdoor fountains, lawn care, and stone work. For more information about The Fockele Garden Company, please call 770-532-7117 or visit