Lighting and Irrigation are Important Additions to your Garden

Landscape lighting and irrigation systems are two services we provide to our customers. Landscape lighting extends your enjoyment of the garden into the evening hours. A properly installed and maintained irrigation system minimizes water waste as well as keeps your garden looking great during hot dry weather.

Well-placed and carefully selected light fixtures highlight your home’s architectural features and draw attention to plantings and trees, as well as lighting paths and water features.

Landscape lighting also adds security to garden, but in a beautiful way.

Regular monitoring of an irrigation system is crucial to both establishing new plantings over the long term. It is also important to regularly check an irrigation system for leaks, overspray, broken heads and clogged valves.

Landscape industry professionals know that more plants are killed by overwatering. Just because you can water does’t mean you should.

professional landscape services near me - outdoor water fountains IMG
Fountain lighting after being installed
residential landscaping services near me - Outdoor Lighting and fountain irrigation IMG
Path lighting invites an evening stroll in the garden
professional backyard landscaping services near me - Garden Streams and Waterfalls IMG
Lighting the trees in a garden adds magic to the space.