Live Christmas Trees: Tips For Success

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Thinking about trying a living Christmas tree this year? Choose a regular sized tree and plant it in your landscape or go the popular tabletop route and use it as the anchor in a planted pot!  Here are some tips.

Before you buy your tree, decide where you will plant it. Most conifers prefer full sun; check your tree’s requirement.

Dig a hole ahead of time, store the soil, and keep the location moist and insulated by filling the hole with leaves.


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Trees are sold container-grown or balled-and-burlapped. If it is B&B, you’ll need a big container for indoor use.

To keep your tree alive while it is inside the house, place the tree away from direct heat sources and water your tree daily with ice cubes placed onto the top of the root ball. About 30 cubes for a regular sized tree.




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If your string lights generate lots of heat use them for short periods of time.