What to Expect

  1. Your project is placed on the schedule, and we prepare for the installation.
  2. We request a Utility Locate service for the work site.
  3. We purchase and stage equipment, materials and plants.
  4. Project manager review plans with the landscape designer
  5. Installation commences:  Our experienced and friendly crews will be at your jobsite promptly and well prepared.  Our job sites are kept organized and are cleaned up daily.  We stay on your project until it is finished and you are satisfied.
  6. The Landscape designer and project manager stay in touch while the installation is underway.  They review progress, handle field changes, anticipate and solve problems, answer questions, and insure quality and continuity
  7. Upon completion of the project, we review the finished product with the customer, finalize details, and collect the balance due.
  8. Follow-up: This is what sets us apart from a lot of companies.  It is also a gateway to our maintenance department. For example, we schedule seasonal check-ins, replace dead plants at the end of the warranty period and we manage irrigation and water feature systems.