Andrew Holloway

Lawn Care Technician

As a Lawn Care Specialist and Horticulturist, Andrew works to maximize plant health and minimize opportunities for pest and disease outbreaks both in the landscapes we install and maintain garden plants in our company nursery.

Andrew has a bachelor’s degree in horticultural from the University of Georgia. In his approach to plant management he employs Integrated Pest Management which is a system designed to promote plant health in a way that is profitable, reduces environmental and human health risks, and protects natural resources. Andrew employs our company’s focus on sustainability and environmentally friendly practices as he targets a goal of growing beautiful and healthy plants and reducing unnecessary and costly pesticide applications.

In implementing the IPM system of pest management, Andrew coordinates pest prevention, cultural controls, scouting, physical controls, biological controls, and chemical controls. His work includes activities such as testing and adjusting soils, adding organic soil amendments, evaluating water features irrigation and drainage, encouraging the protection of plants during transport, planting and maintenance activities, applying mulch and organic soil amendments, identifying plant pests, evaluating their threat levels and effectively mitigating them.

“A plant that is not stressed by imbalances in its environment is going to be a more vigorous plant. A good example of this would be turf that has too much or too little water. Too much water is going to create a haven for fungus that causes root rot; too little water and the turf isn’t vigorous enough to out-compete the weeds that creep in and take over.”

Before coming to The Fockele Garden Company, Andrew worked as a spray technician and greenhouse manager for Evergreen Nursery. In the greenhouse, he supervised the cultivation of over six hundred varieties of perennials. As spray technician, he developed pest management plans. Andrew is licensed as a Commercial Pesticide Applicator by the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

“Something I really enjoy about Fockele gardens is that they provide the complete garden experience. It’s not just about what you see, but also what you can smell, hear, and feel, and in the case of an edible garden, what you can taste in a FGC garden.”

At home in Watkinsville, Andrew and his family grow vegetables, herbs and pollinator plants in a five hundred square foot garden and raise chickens. Alicia Holloway serves as UGA Extension’s agent at the Barrow County office.