Brian Williamson

Facilities Manager

Brian Williamson serves as our Facilities Manager, overseeing the maintenance of our buildings and equipment.

He brings a wealth of technical knowledge and experience to our company, having served in the U S Navy for eleven years. In the Navy he not only flew aircraft as a crew chief but performed quality assurance inspections on airplanes and helicopters. Brian has certifications in several technical areas, including hydraulics, fuels management, and corrosion control.
Additionally, his Navy education included leadership training and several safety and disaster response programs, including Rescue Swimming. Brian served as a trainer throughout his years of service, and he shares those skills with our staff and crews.

As facilities manager, Brian purchases and warehouses our landscape supplies, records inventory data, and manages our fleet of twenty vehicles. He works with administrative personnel to develop budgets, policies, procedures, accountability and safety.

Extensive training and experience give Brian an eye for detail and an appreciation for quality. With his diverse skill set, Brian makes essential behind-the-scenes contributions to the beauty and sophistication of our gardens.

Brian and his family hail from Jefferson. He loves all things outdoors.



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