Jaime Garcia

Installation Crew Leader

Whether he’s at the business end of a shovel or in the cab of a Bobcat, Jaime is our go-to talent when we create streams and waterfalls. After participating as a crew member in many great projects over the years, Jaime was instrumental in leading an installation team for the year-long construction of the Courtyard Waterfall at Northeast Georgia Medical Center Braselton.
Jaime has been with the Fockele Garden Company since 2014. When he came to us, he brought a track record of teamwork experience and occupational knowhow in utility-line installation. He paired these skills with the motivation to adapt them to landscape installations. He embraces our tried-and-tested methods and contributes to developing new techniques when they make an installation more efficient or effective.
At FGC, Jaime excels at operating heavy equipment, using it to finesse dump truck loads of soil or to position and install boulders.
Jaime is a natural leader and a great guy to work with. He embraces all the values that are at the core of our work, including a personal drive to do things right.
Jaime lives in Gainesville with his wife and two sons.



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