José Méraz

Maintenance Crew Leader

José manages our landscape maintenance projects at Lanier Village Estates. He and his crew work to ensure that the community members will have the best possible experience in their outdoor environment.

José, supervises his crew as they provide daily management of over 300 apartments and 30 townhomes on the 2000 acre campus. He maintains a satellite office and equipment facility on site.

Naturally Gardens change as they mature. Some require modifications and enhancements and some require complete renovations. With a decade on the ground, Jose know the property like the back of his hand and provides orientation our design and installation team when they engage in new projects.

Additionally, Jose is the first to notice and report problems in the landscape. His experience in the landscape industry provides accurate and timely diagnosis to problems in the landscape, whether it plant pests,, drainage problems before they cause water related plant problems or hazards to residents on foot or damage to

Whether they view the landscape from a 4th floor or ground level patio, residents feel free to approach Jose with suggestions and concerns, special requests.
Jose wThat opportunity to commuicate to

There are many reasons I like working for this company
# 1 I like what I do.
# 2 The company has let me learn many things
# 3 Discipline, making sure that things are well done
# 4 My employers are good people
# 5 Good salary, competitive.
And there are many more things and reasons why I like working for this company.
Do the best and learn more every day
Thank you. Jose Meraz

José Meráz: