Tomás Romero

Maintenance Crew Leader

Tomás Romero brings a lifetime of landscape experience to our maintenance crew and takes pride in his commitment to customer satisfaction. “When I see that our client is content, I know that my crew and I have accomplished our goal.”

Under his leadership, Tomás and his crew deliver professional services to customers whose properties spread across a region that includes Atlanta, Jasper, Clayton, and Gainesville.

He and his family have lived in Gainesville for thirty years. Taking our “Fockele Family” to literal limits, Tomás often works in close conjunction with his nephew and our Installation Manager, Felix Romero. Family values are important to Tomás.

Tomas spent the first twenty years of his life working with his family on their farm in Mexico. Horticulture is second nature to him. He enjoys working out of doors and has a personal interest in setting and meeting his own fitness and health goals. In his time off, Tomás takes on home improvement projects, inside the house and out. In his own landscape he enjoys keeping a small vegetable garden.

Friendly and easy-going, Tomas responds to day-to-day challenges in stride. He encourages positive and productive interactions in his work environment. Because he has worked with both our installation and maintenance teams, his comprehensive understanding translates into results that satisfy our clients and reflect our company standards.



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