Ray Diaz

There are many reasons I like working here at The Fockele Garden Company, one of them is that our employers always make sure we are safe. If equipment is not in proper working order or if something does not seem right, our employers make sure to fix the situation as soon as it is addressed.

I also love the designs we do here. The designs are unique and different from other landscaping companies, and I really enjoy that. Not only do I enjoy the designs, but I also appreciate the passion put into every project. We are not rushed to finish quickly on jobsites, but we are instead encouraged to finish the project correctly so that clients receive the best possible work.

Guillermo Razo

I have worked at Fockele Garden Company for seven years. The camaraderie between coworkers is something I appreciate. Like any job the work can vary in difficulty. No matter the difficulty, I know we have the support of our employers. I always feel as if my work is appreciated.