Antonino Martinez

Setting this company apart from others is a working environment that includes respect, encouragement, appreciation and improvement. My supervisors respect my abilities and I in turn respect their leadership. I have confidence in my co-workers and they feel the same about me. At the Fockele Garden Company we are encouraged to appreciate and depend on each other’s contributions, and we are allowed- and expected- to expand our skill-sets and achieve both personal and company goals.

Jaime Garcia Zamora

I like working with Fockele Garden Company, one of the best companies I’ve worked with. Every day I feel equipped and ready to my work because I’m provided with all the tools I need to do my job right each day and to do it even better the next day. Another reason I like it here is because of the natural way we prune the plants. Why? Because they look much better, which makes the customers are happy. When our clients complement our work, my partner and I feel great. Our supervisors, team members and company owners show their appreciation, too.

Alejandro Jimenez

I like my job because my work is a combination of gardening and construction, doing different types of construction work in all kinds of landscape settings, each with various staff members and for a wide range of customers. At an early age, I started working in agriculture. Later, I obtained skills in construction. Now I am employing both in creating beautiful gardens. Every day is a different experience and an opportunity to learn. I always feel secure working here, where I am treated with appreciation and respect.