Fusaro and Everitt

You are a magician!  Five weeks ago we had a hum-drum back yard with a flooding problem. Thanks to the Fockele Garden Company we now have a small paradise right here in Buckhead.

Mark, you and your guys have done an incredible job.   We were both absolutely blow out when we got home this afternoon.  I’m just now sending this message because we’ve been out wandering around in the yard ever since we got home.

Your main man Sergio and his crew completed everything to perfection today – I mean everything: sod installed, sprinkler system patched, fence AND wall repaired, moss on the rocks, 2nd bridge installed, mulch on the paths, pine straw on the left side of the house, gifts for the neighbors…  unbelievable.  I don’t know how they covered that much ground in just one day.

I hope your trip is going well.  Please let us know when you are back – you need to see the final product.  We’ll send you some pictures this weekend – come by any time.

And, thanks – it really is unbelievable.