The Work We Do

Based in North Georgia, The Fockele Garden Company has a solid reputation across the Southeast for creating, building and maintaining distinctive gardens and landscapes with a strong emphasis on sustainability.We are the company you keep. From the time we first meet with you until the time your garden takes physical shape, grows and matures, we are your partner in bringing the vision to life.

outdoor-water-fountain-exampleWe design with creativity: nature inspired waterfalls, streams, and ponds; imaginative fountains; extraordinarily beautiful gardens; specialty plantings for specific situations–woodlands, hillsides, native gardens, wetlands, lawn replacement, perennials—all together, we use over 500 different species and varieties of plants in our designs; custom fences and bridges; interesting walls, patios, walkways, and paths; if we can think it, we can make it happen.

We install with technical skill: on site storm water management; appropriate plant selection and soil preparation; smart irrigation, LEED certified initiatives and careful selection and installation of nature-inspired, site-specific features.

We maintain with expert care: guided by the vision of the initial design and installation, our landscape management experts attend to your garden to nurture it from initial construction to full maturity. We also can bring new life to established landscapes that need more attention and care.

The Fockele Garden Company is deeply rooted in the landscape industry. Our team has over 200 years of knowledge and experience, allowing us to deliver increasingly complicated, demanding and creative results in a wide range of landscape disciplines.

Most importantly to you, we take great pleasure in creating sophisticated, engaging outdoor environments that are specific to your goals and bring you a sense of peace and joy. And what could be more fulfilling than that?