What We Believe

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Jason Sparks, left, serves as vice-president and
CFO and Julie Evans is president and owner

We know intimately that spending time in nature is mentally, physically, and emotionally restorative for all ages.  We know that busy lives can prohibit spending time outside to play, relax, entertain, or even work.  We feel privileged to be able to create gardens, landscapes and hardscapes of all sizes for our clients to experience the power and peace of nature.

We are grateful for the beauty of nature and we do what we can to restore and imitate it in our work.  We want to conserve and work with the good parts and remove and improve the rest.  We do our best to keep it clean, make it better, and make it green.

We love what we do. And as caretakers of our environment, that means every action we take — from the initial consultation, to the design, installation and maintenance – is taken in the context of awareness, responsibility and sustainability.

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Nurturers at heart, we thrive on learning, growing, and sharing our knowledge. But we are also scientists, fascinated by the technical aspects of the chemistry, ecology and biology of the natural world. We set high standards for ourselves because our job is to bring knowledge, value, creativity and inspiration to every project we are entrusted with.

We are a team, and every member of our team – beginning with our customer — has a valuable contribution to make and a voice that gets heard. Our entire team maintains a sense of ownership and pride in every project from start to finish and the years beyond.

Finally, as our mission statement indicates, we believe our job is:
Creating Beauty | Enriching Lives | Growing Community”, and to be the company you keep.